Monday, 18 June 2012

Progress in EU-ECHR Negotiations?

As MultiRights Blog reports, the negotiations on the European Union's accession to the ECHR seem to have reached a new phase. Last week, the Council of Europe's Committee of Minister instructed the Steering Committee for Human Rights to pursue negotations with the EU in order to finalise the agreement. This, the Committee indicated, should be done without delay. The decisions of the Committee of Ministers can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Readers may also be interested to note the decision recorded on page 25 of the Committee of Ministers document. It gave rise to a strike yesterday at the Council of Europe - the first for about 15 years. The new "affordability clause" allows the Ministers to freeze salaries whenever and for as long as they like - and even to take "any other measures", which is rather ominous. They have already cut the salaries of certain more junior staff by up to 5 per cent, and that measure is the subject of an Administrative Tribunal hearing this afternoon.