Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New Case Law Fact Sheets

As reported here in October last year, the Court is increasingly making it's case-law accessible by putting thematic electronic factsheets online which summarise the jurisprudence on a particular topic. In 2011 almost twenty new factsheets have been added to the Court's website:

* Child protection
* Data protection
* "Dublin" cases
* Environment
* Expulsions and extraditions
* Extra-territorial jurisdiction
* Freedom of religion
* Homosexual rights (one may assume, by the way, that the Court means homosexuals' rights, as in the rights of homosexuals rather than the rights themselves having a particular orientation (sic!)
* Homosexuality: criminal aspects
* Mental health
* New technologies
* Police arrest / assistance of a lawyer
* Prisoners' right to vote - with info on upcoming cases from Russia, Latvia and yet another one form the UK.
* Racial discrimination
* Right to one's own image
* Roma and Travellers
* Terrorism
* Transsexuals' rights (here the Court does get the spelling right).
* Violence against women - with upcoming cases on genital mutilation form Ireland and Austria.

A valuable starting point both for practitioners, researchers and students - also because some include pending cases and thus offer a preview of the kind of issues that are upcoming in the Court's decisions and judgments.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this insightful list. Will be of much use on my upcoming studies on terrorism and human rights.

Felix said...

The heading "Homosexuality: criminal aspects" also sounds a bit maladroit. But maybe we shouldn't be too critical. After all, the fact sheets are a very good initiative!