Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Two Cases Referred to Grand Chamber

Recently, a panel of five judges of the European Court of Human Rights decided to refer two cases on which previously sections of the Court pronounced themselves, to the Grand Chamber. It concerns the cases of Kurić and Others v. Slovenia, on the rights of the so-called “erased” people, who failed to acquire or maintain citizenship of the newly-established Slovenian State in 1991, and Konstantin Markin v. Russia, on the refusal to grant parental leave to a Russian serviceman. Both requests were made by the respective states. I earlier reported on the Markin case here.

Requests for 37 other cases were rejected, which means those judgments have become final. For a full list, see the press release.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This issue has realy nothing to do with "family life". This citizens has oportunities to accept Slovenian citizenship, but they did not apply as other ex YU citizens did, and have all rights granted. No one was erased ! It could not be. Due to simple logic.
Firstly something needs to be writen, only than it can be erased. And exatly this is the case here. Nothing has been written by Aplicants, eventrugh they knows that must apply. So nothing can be erased.

In Slovenia there is huge and systematic Article 8 paragraph violations as consequence direct govrement acticivities and tirany from State in that ground seen from other Cases before this Court, but this issue realy not fit into this area and concerning this on that way as the Aplicants presented and Court "catched" is just another way of Convention abuse regarding Article 8.

This Court semes realy losing the ground and becommming more and more buirocratic institucion not responding on real EU citizen Human right violstions and fulfill some business needs intersted groups in this case.