Thursday, 17 March 2011

Case Note to Gäfgen v Germany in International Legal Materials

I have just posted on SSRN my introductory case note to the European Court's Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Gäfgen v Germany, on which I posted earlier here, as it was published in the International Legal Materials of the American Society of International Law (volume 49, no. 6, 2010). This is the abstract:

This case note introduces and contextualises the key aspects of the European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Gäfgen v Germany, in which several violations of the ECHR were found. The case concerned the threat of torture by police officers when questioning a suspect and the role this played in the ensuing trial. Also relates to the issue of 'fruit of the poisonous tree'.


Anonymous said...

Gafgen is a sick bastard that deserved to be tortured to death... The fact that lawyers are so blind to see this fact, makes them as guilty as he is.

©az said...
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©az said...

I am in shock that a cold blooded murderer - only looking for money - now finally should get what he was after!

The police was right to fight for every chance to find the boy alive! This court hearing is a slap in the face to all honest people and most of all to the parents of the dead child.

And even worse - the cold blooded money seeker may just get what he was after - a recompense for killing so to speak! How ironic is this? Sick world!

For killing a child you get a damage payment?????

Everyone who buys his sick book should think about it, too!