Monday, 10 November 2008

Results of Article 10 Seminar

On 10 October a special seminar on the Freedom of Expression (Article 10) was held at the European Court of Human Rights. The papers presented there and the conclusions are now available here. They include critical assessments of recent restrictive trends in the Court's case law and comparisons with the national level and other regional human rights systems. Recommended reading for Article 10 fans!

Thanks to Darian Pavli of the Open Society Justice Initiative for pointing out the link to me!


Vitalie ZAMA said...

Thank you for information!

The reference you made definitely will definitely be of high importance for me!

Vitalie ZAMA said...

I am wondering about the impact of such critical approach as to the ECtHR's delivers.

At a recent seminar I could not answer to a dozen of questions coming from the journalists, in the light of recent ECtHR trends in matters of art.10.

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